Javier Morlana

I am a PhD Student at the University of Zaragoza. My research goal is to perform SLAM and Visual Place Recognition (VPR) in the specific domain of colonoscopies, with the aid of Deep Learning techniques.

I am pursuing my PhD (finishing by EOY 2024) under the guidance of Prof. J.M.M Montiel at the Robotics Lab in the Universidad de Zaragoza. My work experience includes research internships at Leica Geosystems and Google, both related to SLAM algorithms.

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Topological SLAM in colonoscopies leveraging deep features and topological priors
Javier Morlana, Juan D. Tardós, J.M.M. Montiel
MICCAI, 2024


ColonMapper: topological mapping and localization for colonoscopy
Javier Morlana, Juan D. Tardós, J.M.M. Montiel
ICRA, 2024


Reuse your features: unifying retrieval and feature-metric alignment
Javier Morlana, J.M.M. Montiel
ICRA, 2023


SD-DefSLAM: Semi-Direct Monocular SLAM for Deformable and Intracorporeal Scenes
Juan J. Gómez-Rodríguez, José Lamarca, Javier Morlana, Juan D. Tardós and José M.M. Montiel
ICRA, 2021